About Us

About Us

We have over 50 years experience operating within established Health & Safety Standards. The team also benefits from over 20 years experience operating remote systems from global offshore installations. This further enhances the operational and safety awareness of our Unmanned Aircraft System pilots in different environments. SELECT VISUALS are CAA approved to conduct commercial multi-rotor operations up to 25kg.

Where UAS's are concerned, there is a world of difference in the range and quality of equipment that is available.. and however advanced that equipment may be, it will only ever realise its potential in the hands of the most skilled and highly trained operators. Our industry professionals at Select Visuals operate only state-of-the-art equipment. Our knowledge and skills match and exceed the levels required to deliver services in data capture, analysis and media production.

We are a passionate well-oiled team with a focus on service, quality and value. With an extremely broad skill set we thrive on challenges and love to brainstorm ideas to help you achieve your goals.

With our decades of experience, production know-how and meticulous attention to detail, our team consists of professionals that have worked in television broadcast, independent, corporate and industrial productions. Everyone at Select Visuals understands what it is like to be in your position, so we can anticipate and accommodate your needs to provide practical solutions at every stage in the realisation of your vision.

We believe that successful people make decisions based on where they want to be, whereas unsuccessful people only make decisions based on their current situations. Accordingly our aim is to continue be the very best that we can be, not only for the benefit of our clients and partners in this exciting and rapidly growing industry but also so that we can face ourselves each day, safe in the knowledge that we are consistently delivering our best.

We leave nothing to chance! Every flight undertaken by us has to fully conform to the standards laid down in our own operations manual and with CAA rules, guidelines and safe practice. We will never commence any operation before we are fully aware of the precise nature of the task that you wish us to perform for you. Only when we have all of the necessary information from you will we move to the next step which will involve us in conducting a feasibility study in advance of doing anything. You may be as sure as we are that the more thorough the collective planning process, the better the end result for you.

Our Vision is founded upon three simple rules:

All our operators are CAA approved pilots.

We operate UAS's under CAA ID No. 3419 at up to 25kg. Includes Night Permissions.

Public Liability Insurance to £5 million (additional cover arranged as required).